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Even Pirates Need Rules

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Revised Rulebook Available Now!

The process of revising the rulebook has been a major undertaking. Initially, our goal was to flesh out the original rulebook, adding missing information and clarifying any details we had missed during our original print run. With that goal in mind, we decided to keep the original layout and design intact while improving the quality and amount of information available.

We posted a draft of this first revision in both a Kickstarter update and on our website to gather your feedback, and have since made additional copy edits to address those points. The new draft can now be seen here and is also available on BoardGameGeek.

However, after blind playtesting this draft, we have realized that there are deeper structural issues that we failed to address during the revision process. While better in many respects, our revision is less welcoming to new adventurers. This version is not well indexed and it can be difficult to find the rules you need quickly.

So, now we want to tackle this issue with a new goal in mind and a fresh set of eyes. We are working with a specialized development team that is tasked with maintaining the thoroughness of the new draft while also making it more digestible and easy to navigate. We will also be separating out the base game rules and components from those of the first expansion. This means that future printings will have separate rulebooks in the core box and expansion boxes.

Our hope is to have a digital version of this new rulebook available to you all in early 2022, alongside the new app. Physical copies of the Base Game and Expansion rulebooks will be printed alongside our upcoming Sea of Legends expansion and will be made available to you all during that campaign. We will have more details about that closer to the campaign's launch.

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