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As promised! The Biggest Update for Sea of Legends!

Ahoy, me hearties! The Sea of Legends is getting bigger, better, and more dangerous! As promised, we have lots of exciting news, so here they go!

Sea of Legends is Updating its App!

The Sea of Legends Mobile App has been undergoing some major renovations. We have to thank our community, who has supported us strongly by downloading our Early Access App directly on the website, and testing and spotting pesky bugs before we hoist the sails on the biggest App Update yet!

This new version of the app will be epic! We've added loads of new content and almost doubled the number of adventures, and we are almost ready to set sail on this epic voyage! So we ask you all one more time, to use your attention for bug hunting to help us get down the final stretch. Our team will be working heavily next week to verify all the stories and adventures in the Early Access App. So if you can, please jump into our website, download the Early Access App, and let’s hunt those bugs down!

The official Sea of Legends App will be making its grand debut on the App Store and Google Play Store on the week of April 10th to April 14th. So be sure to keep a weather eye out for it! Let's raise the anchor and set sail together!

Get Your New Sea of Legends Update Kit for Print & Play!

We've been holed up in our captain's quarters for a while now, toiling away to make sure that Sea of Legends and Rise of the Ancients are absolutely shipshape. We've been adding new features, tweaking old ones, and making all sorts of improvements to ensure that your gaming experience is the best it can be.

We’ve been working hard on finalizing all our changes, updates, and corrections to Sea of Legends and Rise of the Ancients. This Sea of Legends Update Kit has been in process since the first printing and we’ve been continuously looking for ways to improve the rulebooks and cards to deliver to our backers, fans, and supporters the best version of Sea of Legends possible.

The Update Kit includes three rulebooks, 30 new/revised tarot cards, and 60 new/revised poker cards. You can download everything here!


For the Update Kit, we took a new approach to the rulebook and did a much more extensive reorganization and rewrite than we previously did with the revised rulebook.

The new rulebooks present the core rules of the game in a 32-page Sea of Legends Rulebook while each game box also contains a 16p Captain & Faction Guides rulebook that contains information about the Captains and Factions contained in that box.


We found several cards, like the original Player Aid cards, that had errors we needed to correct for the new printing. We built up a list of cards with various errors, typos, and misprints in need of correction. But as the process of correcting cards and improving the rulebook went on, we found areas where we felt that cards didn’t exist to handle an issue or no longer worked as well as we would have liked. This resulted in the two biggest groups of new and revised cards: Faction Objective Aids and the NPC Stat cards, respectively.

As we worked to revise and clarify the rules and the Faction Guides, it became clear that the original mini Faction Guides were not an effective game aid to clarify how to utilize the Factions during a game of Sea of Legends. We worked on many ways to improve them as a resource but ultimately came up with our new Faction Objective Aids.

Each Faction now has a double-sided tarot card with a side for the Follower and Leader that breakdowns their turn into a step-by-step flowchart. These are designed to be placed next to the board with the NPC Stat cards and provide an instant resource for resolving the turn for any NPC. Additionally, we include the Faction Win Conditions on these cards, so you don’t need to open the Faction Guide to remind yourself of how the Faction wins during play.

As we revised the Faction rules in the Faction Guides and designed the Faction Objective Aids, it became clear we could make changes to the NPC Stat cards to help clarify how each NPC works and to make them better interact with the revised Faction Guides and the new Faction Objective Aids. We’re very excited to get these improved NPC Stat cards into your hands to improve your Sea of Legends experience.

While all these changes will be included in the new printings of Sea of Legends and Rise of the Ancients, they will also be available through the Sea of Legends Update Kit for those of you with the original printing from our first Kickstarter campaign.

For those of you that want to get these improved rulebooks and cards into play sooner than later, we’ve prepared the Update Kit Print & Play. You can download and print these cards to improve your game experience while you wait for fulfillment to be complete in early 2024.

The Pledge Manager is Getting Extended!

Lastly, we're hoisting the sails and extending the pledge manager for a whole month, so ye can confirm yer pledges and get yer hands on all the swashbuckling goodness ye missed out on!

But that's not all, me hearties! We're also opening up our Late Backer offering on Monday, April 3rd. That's right, folks who missed the Kickstarter campaign can still join our crew and get their hands on any of the games and add-ons that were available during the campaign!

The extended pledge manager will be closed on May 1st. That gives ye the entire month of April to confirm your pledge and make sure you don't miss out on any of the adventures! So don't be a landlubber, join our crew and set sail with us today!

That’s all for now, sailors!

That was a long update! We hope you are all as excited as we are to reveal this good news. So join us on the high seas and make sure to confirm your pledge before May 1st, download the new Sea of Legends App version on the second week of April, and check out the Print & Play Update Kit on our website!

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