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Sea of Legends App v2.0

Find the new version of the Sea of Legends App below!

Sea of Legends
Update Kit: Print & Play

With new features, tweaked old ones, and all sorts of improvements, this Print & Play kit will ensure you have the best Sea of Legends experience up to date!




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Sea of Legends Rulebook

Learn how to play! This is a full and up-to-date version of the Sea of Legends Rulebook.

Sea of Legends
Base Game Faction Guide 

Faction Guides: all the Objectives, Win Conditions, and Faction Rules for each faction. Please note these are still in development and final changes may be made before they are physically published.

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Sea of Legends Rules Appendix

This is our latest version of our Sea of Legends appendix. This text will help answer any additional rules questions you may have. 

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