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   War amongst the Great Powers of Europe has engulfed the Americas. The Spanish Empire’s hold over the Caribbean has been slipping for decades as they compete with rival empires. Now the Spanish Empire looks to reestablish their hold over their colonies to bolster their efforts in Europe. France has marshaled their forces to expand their own presence to ensure their access to the goods and resources of the Americas. But older and stranger forces have also awoken in the murky depths of these ancient waters. Sailors tell tall tales of a haunted ship, the Flying Dutchman, and its ghostly crew. There are also whispered warnings about the mighty Kraken, rising from the depths to hunt those that dare to sail upon the waters.

   The Great Powers are gathering on the seas, seizing control of the ports, and punishing all rivals. Is the Golden Age of Piracy at an end? Or will you make deals, manipulate events to your advantage, and become the greatest pirate of them all? Hold fast, gather your crew, ready your cannons and muskets, and prepare for the Vengeance of the Empires.


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