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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sea of Legends app required to play the game?

Yes. The app manages the branching narratives, providing an experience unlike any other narrative tabletop game. The app doesn’t just react to player choice, it ensures that the decisions a player makes impact all players in the interconnected narrative. This is a living breathing world that you shape with each choice.

How does Solo and Multiplayer differ in Sea of Legends?

Solo play, like multiplayer, requires you to compete against the Factions chosen for this game session. The game plays out largely the same, but without race against other players and the added challenge of managing the board on your own.


Will the Sea of Legends app be supported in the future?

Yes. The Sea of Legends app by our partners at ZNL LLC will be maintained as needed by their software development team. Furthermore our partners have committed to making both a PC and web browser-based version of the app available to provide future accessibility. In addition, our partners have committed to keep the platform up for a minimum of five years from the ship date of Sea of Legends. In the unfortunate event that our partners are unable to keep up this platform beyond that date, they will release the code into the public domain to enable other developers to continue to keep the platform available.

What language does Sea of Legends come in?

Because Sea of Legends takes advantage of the flexibility of English to procedurally generate adventure dialogs that incorporate specific characters, relics, factions and much more, the game is currently only available in English.


Will I be able to purchase Sea of Legends at a retailer?

No. This is a Kickstarter Exclusive. We will continue to sell the game directly through our webstore and at our convention booths after the Kickstarter campaign ends at an increased price.

What is the size of the Sea of Legends Miniatures?

The captains and other human-sized minis are 32 mm and the large NPC creatures range from 52 mm - 114 mm.

I am missing a component from my copy of my game, how can I get it replaced?

To contact the Sea of Legends team simply fill out this form and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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