The Game


Welcome Aboard, Matey!

Prepare to explore a world of myth, magic, and mayhem!

Sea of Legends is a narrative-driven, open-world tabletop game for 1 - 5 players where you and your friends will compete to become the most legendary pirate on the open sea. Raid ports, bury treasure, fall in love, and defeat your nemesis as you pursue multiple paths to victory and forge your own tale.


Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Sea of Legends launched on Kickstarter in May of 2020. The campaign was successfully funded within only a few hours and went on to raise over 6 times the game's initial funding goal. 

Sea of Legends and the Deluxe Neoprene Mat are currently available on our website!


The Sea is Your Sandbox

Play as a brazen cutthroat, a rogue with a heart of gold, or fall anywhere in between as you navigate the shifting tides of the Caribbean. The world is your oyster, but what kind of captain are you?


Monstrous Minis

Make terrifying enemies or powerful allies, but whatever you do, don’t ignore these strange creatures. If left unchecked, they’ll pursue their own goals and even steal victory.


World Shaking Narratives

Desperate duels, dastardly villains, and sordid trysts await! Make decisions that shape the world. Aid or evade the denizens of the Caribbean and see your choices collide with other players’ stories.


Sea of Legends has the potential to be something truly special...


Consider this one of my most anticipated Kickstarters of 2020.

—  Jan Bigas, Quackalope