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Thank you so much for your interest in testing out the Sea of Legends v2 App. We really appreciate the support of our community as we work to improve the Sea of Legends experience.

We are looking for folks to play a game (or games) of Sea of Legends, solo or in your gaming group, using the early access version of the SoL App v2. You can play with the physical game at an actual table or you can use our SoL: VotE Playtest Workshop on Tabletop Simulator

*The app is under active development and you can definitely expect to run into some technical issues of varying severity.* 

Please pay special attention to the new Prologue feature. After setup is complete, beginning with the first player and going in order around the table, each player needs to complete a Prologue Adventure in the app. Once all players have completed their Prologue Adventure, the game is ready to begin with the first player taking their turn.


To get started please complete ALL the following steps:

  1. Download the SoL V2 Early Access App 

  2. Review the SoL App v2 Visual Guide and Instructions*

  3. Play Sea of Legends: Vengeance of the Empires (Playtest) on Steam Workshop or with your physical copy.



Please pay special attention to doc section titled "Report a Problem (Issue/Bug)" this step shows you how to report a problem from the app. if you do not report the problem we have no record of your game. When you report the problem, please be as specific as you can about what is wrong.


Thanks and Enjoy!

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Helpful Links

Download our most up-to-date rulebook! Please note this is not the final version of the rulebook that will be released with the new Kickstarker. Plus we also have more resources HERE.




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