Editorial Director

Job Type

Seattle, WA, USA

Full Time

About the Role

Guildhall Studios is looking for an Editorial Director to oversee the writing for app-based and traditional tabletop games. The Editorial Director will work with Guildhall’s leadership team to plan and implement our company's vision across our games.

The Editorial Director will be in charge of recruiting and working with freelance writers as well as building and implementing a clean on-boarding process for new writers. They need to write creative and unique non-linear stories that can be used in our games and also to be used as clear examples for freelance writers. They will manage freelance writers and copy edit their work in order to meet quality, schedule, and budget needs.

The Editorial Director will also work in tandem with our software developers to help port narrative content into our App and help move that content to a finished product.
Location is not important but rough timezone alignment is (we are in Seattle, WA, Pacific time zone). We expect this job to be about 40 billable hours a week. All work is to be done remotely and on a freelance contract basis to be negotiated. This is not an entry level job and the rate will be negotiated but commensurate with industry standards and the applicants experience.


Essential Skills:

  • Technical writing and editing skills

  • Experience in linear and non-linear narrative design

  • Passion for working with creative teams (writers etc), coaching, and collaboration

  • Clear, concise communication skills

  • Creatively driven and open-minded approach

  • Knowledge of both digital and tabletop games

Desirable Skills:

  • Direct experience in the game industry

  • Familiarity with app development or coding is a plus

About Us

Guildhall Studios is a crowdfunding based board game publisher founded by legendary game designer Jordan Weisman (Creator of Battletech, Shadowrun, Mage Knight) and up-and-coming game designer Zach Weisman (Calliope, Shadowrun Returns). Guildhall Studios is focused on producing high quality and engaging narrative driven games such as our first project Sea of Legends. If you are interested please email us at with your resume and portfolio of relevant work.