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Gain Prestige for Your House

A Noble War is a game of court intrigue for 2 - 4 players. As the head of a noble house, you will use an ongoing war between two rival kingdoms to gain prestige for your family. Pull strings, twist arms, accrue wealth and dominate your enemies on the field of battle. You don't care which side wins, as long as your house comes out on top. 


During each game, you will wield influence and muster armies as you climb up the ranks at court. Each action has far reaching consequences, as it shapes the economic, military and religious power of each kingdom.

It's also important to remember that you are not alone in these noble pursuits. Each House has its own ambitions (and secrets), so remain vigilant, as a well-timed accusation by your enemies may bring your schemes to an end.

Greatness comes at a high cost… if it comes at all. Will you rule with an iron fist or a silver-tongue? Are you willing to extend an olive branch or do you prefer a dagger in the back? 
The choice is yours, but only one family will win at the end of A Noble War.


Gameplay Basics

  1. Expand your Rule & Rise in Status

  2. Gather Secrets & Make Accusations

  3. Command Your Armies & Reap the Rewards

  4. Pursue your Hidden Agendas

  5. Steal Regions from Other Houses

  6. Complete your House’s Secret Ambitions.


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Kingdoms come and go, but family is forever...

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House Vael

House Vael makes the rules and laws of the land. These scholars and priests are deeply tied to the Constellation and their religious dominance within the kingdoms gives them unfettered access to the privileged information of their peers. Gathering and manipulating the secrets of rival nobles is a family passion, and everyone in House Vael knows not to waste the whispers they overhear within temple walls. 

House Skolgard

House Skolgard claims to be the mightiest of the houses and they’re all too willing to duel anyone who disagrees. Fiercely proud, these knight-lords earned their land and titles hunting down the last of the dragons. For all their virtues, of which there are assuredly many, these nobles are rather unskilled in the art of diplomacy. Of course, who could blame them for not wanting to sully their beautifully armored hands with such dishonorable affairs?

House Zarkani

House Zarkani is not to be underestimated . The blood of dragons runs through their veins and the cunning and ferocity of their forebears is evident in their dealings. They may not specialize as much as the other Houses, but they are notorious for their willingness to do anything for power. Many of their rivals have been known to disappear mysteriously or be conveniently found guilty of terrible misdeeds at the most opportune of times. 

House Révell

House Révell is an economic powerhouse. While these former merchants may have purchased their way into high society, they have quickly established themselves as the cultural icons of both kingdoms. Opulent and flamboyant may be an understatement when describing the members of this family, but their wealth speaks louder than their wardrobes. Their seemingly boundless coffers have granted them great influence over the church and state.

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